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Abrasives Polishing Machine For Metallurgy

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17 / 11 / 2023
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Detail Abrasives Polishing Machine For Metallurgy

Grinding and polishing is one of the most important process in metallographic preparation. So grinding machine or polishing machine are always needed in metallurgy.

Features :   
•   This polishing machine is powder painted without toxicity   
•   Precise rotational balance will not deviate even highly pressed   
•   Steady machine design does not waver during operation   
•   Stable body design to prevent machine from shaking while in use.   
•   Designed with double waterproof lids, safe and easy grinding,    
    wich makes the workpiece unease to fall   
•   The main shaft is anti-leakage designed, which makes running smooth   
•   The replaceable grinding disc can be changed quickly   
•   Double stainless steel water pipes can be adjusted   
•   The sample is fixed to rotate, fast grinding surface is even.   
•   Noise level: below 55 decibels (close to machine for 1.5m).   
•   When current is overloaded, current output will be reduced automatically to protect motor.   
•   Grinding/polishing sizes can be set.

Specifications :

  Grinding/Polishing Machine Auto Holder Grinding/Polishing Machine
Model IJ-TNP-2020FR IJ-TNP-2025FR IJ-TNP-2020FR-A3 IJ-TNP-2020FR-A5 IJ-TNP-2025FR-A3 IJ-TNP-2025FR-A5
Design / Structure Bench Type (High-strength Aluminum Base + Hard-Coated FRP Cover)
Operation panel Waterproof membrane switch panel
Grinding Disk 2
Grinding Disk Diameter φ 200 mm φ 250 mm φ 200 mm φ 250 mm
Grinding Method Manual Manual / Automatic
Motor Speed Max 660rpm / 60 Hz, Max 660rpm / 50 Hz, (Forward/Reversal Rotation is adjustable)
Motor Type DC 220V 400W (Brushless Motor)
Water Supply Needle-type control valve (high pressure water pipe ¼")
Drainage System Natural Drainage (use cleaning rod to for drain cleaning)
Auto Head Motor      DC 24 V 80 W
  - 1:20
Reduction Ratio 3 pcs 5 pcs 3 pcs 5 pcs
of Auto Head Motor Ø 32 mm (Option :  Ø 25, Ø 30, Ø 40 mm)
  Needle-type control valve (high pressure water pipe ¼" mm)
Power AC 220 V, 1 Phase
Dimension (WxDxH) 780 x 650 x 310 mm 780 x 650 x 550 mm
Weight 53 Kg 54 Kg 61 Kg 62 Kg
Standard Accessories Sand Paper:#800, #1000, #1200 x 2pcs, Polishing Cloth x 2 pcs, 
  Alumina Powder (100g) x 1 btl, Dropping Bottle x 1 pc, Cleaning Rod x 1 pc
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