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Dynamic Balancing Machine

Update Terakhir
20 / 05 / 2024
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1 Unit


Rp. 100.000.000

Detail Dynamic Balancing Machine

Balancing Machine and Wheel Balancer is used for balancing rotating machine parts such as rotors for electric motors, fans, turbines, disc brakes, disc drives, propellers and pumps.
The machine usually consists of two rigid pedestals, with suspension and bearings on top supporting a mounting platform. The unit under test is bolted to the platform and is rotated either with a belt-, air-, or end-drive.

Features :
• Hard bearing type horizontal end driven two plane machines with microprocessor based / microcontroller based measuring panel.
• Suitable for balancing of different types of rotors like rotor of electrical machines, fly wheels, crankshafts, submersible pump rotors, etc.
• Measures & stores the unbalance in gms along with the angle for two selected correction planes on digital display.
• Additional bed length can be provided at extra cost for extra long rotors.
• Additional bed with gap bed arrangement is also possible to accommodate bigger diameter rotors.
• Minimum achievable unbalance upto 0.5 micron shift in c.g.
• Various Models – Suitable for rotors from 0.5 kg to 10,000 kg.
• Horizontal belt driven hard bearing two plane machines are supplied for rotors weighing from 0.3 kg upto 300 kg.
• Unbalance indication either by stroboscopic method or photo scanning method sensitivity upto 0.5 micron.
• Computerized / Electronic versions with printer facility & special machines to suit customers requirements can also be supplied.
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