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Tensile Strength Testing Instrument - UTM Machine

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20 / 05 / 2024
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Detail Tensile Strength Testing Instrument - UTM Machine

Computer type tensile pressure testing machine is developed into patent product (patent no. 200730055891.1), suitable for metal, rubber, paper, plastic color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, bags handbags, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electrical, electronics and other industries. It can be used for various materials, semi-finished products and finished products as drawing, pressing, bending, folding, cutting, tearing, stripping, etc.


Advanced control mode - all-computer data collection and motion control

Powerful software - all open test software under Windows

Ultra-high test precision - better than 1 level measurement accuracy, 1/200,000 force value resolution, deformation measurement resolution can reach 0.0001 mm.


Windows work platform, parameters are set all points, operation is simple

Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English, three languages switchover option

Multiple measurement units, metric system can switch

Data comparison of multiple curves can be performed simultaneously

Auto Return

Automatic correction

Customized test methods

Experimental data analysis

Can do test of tensile, anti-pressure, bending, stripping, holding, pressing and fatigue

Specifications :

Model IJ-UTM-1-XXX
Capacity 2、5、10、20、50、100、200 kg any one option
Measurement and Control Software Windows Professional Sofeware
Measurement Accuracy Better than ± 1.0 %
Force Resolution 1/200.000
Effective Range of Measurement 0.5 - 100 % F.S
Deformation Display Accuracy Better ± 0.5 %
Test Speed 10 - 500 mm/min, free set
Test Stroke Max 600 mm, not includes gripper
Effective Test Space Dia. 120 mm
Unit Switch A variety of measurement units including international units
Stop Method Upper and lower limit safety setting, emergency stop button, program strength and elongation setting test piece failure
Standard Configuration Standard fixture 1 payment, software and data line 1 sets, 1 sets of equipment power supply, operating instructions, product certification 1 copies, 1 copies of product warranty card
Purchase Configuration Business computer 1 set, color printer 1 set, kinds of test fixtures
Machine Size About 57 × 47 × 120 cm (W×D×H)
Machine Weight About 70 kg
Motor Stepless motor
Power 1 Ph, AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A or specified
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